The Label & Packaging

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

“It was important to us to continue the brands sustainability ethos throughout, including our labels and packaging."

We felt that it was just as important for all our packaging and branding to do as little damage to the environment as our products.

To start with we have produced handmade labels, the front branded section made from recycled brown paper and the back section made from plant able (yes you heard right) plant able paper.

It's quick and easy and is way better than simply throwing the label out. This video gives you step by step instructions of how to plant your label.

Not only is our label recycled but so is our packaging.

The boxes we are using are manufactured from 100% recycled cardboard.

"The company we use to deliver our boxes plant one tree for every bulk order we place."

To match our 100% recycled boxes it was only right to make sure our boxes were sealed in the same environmentally friendly way. Our packaging tape is made from a gummed craft paper that is eco friendly and recyclable. When it is time to get rid of the box our customers can simply leave the tape on the box and recycle it in the same manor as they would the cardboard. The tape itself is biodegradable, and re pulpable

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