Our T-Shirts & Hoodies how are they made?

Thanks to our supplies at Continental Clothing Co. we are able to show you the process of how our T-Shirts and Hoodies have been made.




We consider waste as valuable resource that reduces the amounts of rubbish going into landfills or even worse, ending up in our rivers and oceans.

We have all seen how much plastic debris there is already floating around, seriously damaging the marine wildlife. Soon there could be more plastic than fish.

Our SALVAGE brand is made entirely from raw materials derived from waste: recycled organic cotton blended with recycled polyester that comes from used plastic PET bottles. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate - the most common thermoplastic polymer.

How many plastic bottles go into each Salvage product?

The numbers below represent an average of standard 1.5 litre water bottles.

Continental Clothing Co.

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