The 100% Recycled Cap

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The first product to be released in all four collections is the 100% recycled baseball cap. We wanted to start with a product that appealed to the biggest audience, male, female, old and young. We felt this was the best product to get our brand out to the masses.

The colours we have used have been carefully considered allowing them to fall into Avani- Active's four collections:

Earth- Green

Water- Blue

Fire- Red

Air- Yellow

"These caps utilise the non biodegradable polymer components of plastic bottles and make them into polyester fabrics. These ECO caps are made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles providing customers with a lightweight, comfortable and colourfast product, whilst also contributing to a healthier environment.

Manufacturing process of Recycled polyester yarn from bottle Recycled polyester yarn manufacturing is very easy and economical which are encouraging fabric manufacturers. Sorting and grading plastic bottles are chops and grinds into small bits that melt and soften plastics passes through a number of tiny holes which results in thin filaments. These filaments are using nowadays into both woven and knit industry to manufacture fabric.

Step one - Shredding (left out of stored liquids into bottles)

Step two - Sorting and separating clear plastics

Step three - Treating with caustic soda to remove moving rivals from plastic which is harmful to the body

Step four - Passing through a screw channel where 2700C (mixer); a long filament strand is produced here

Step five - Mixed and blend of different types of strand passed through a heated chamber to make a bond between fibre together to a continuous strand

Step six - Then taken to Aegis to produce materials (fibre) and baled and send to spinning

Step seven -Carding started (all line and similar direction together)

Step eight - Sliver form (spin on the bobbin)

Step nine - Send to knit or woven mills to produce fabric


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